Spike Condom

custom Penis Extender condom manufacturer

Considering that many men want some special condoms which can enhance pleasure, through by the research and test, our custom condom extender-spike condoms come to reality. which not only extend the sex pleasure, which also can extend the penis size, so female always like to buy it for their male parnter.

They are made of stretchable or flexible materials natural latex. It allowing them to be easily stick on a regular condom. They can increase the length, girth, or both. It provides a more comfortable and secure fit for those who require a larger size or desire additional stimulation during sexual intercourse.

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Custom condom extender is available in various designs. It often with different textures, shapes, or stimulator patterns to enhance pleasure for both partners.

Spike Condom with soft rubber spike and dots which intimate female and make her get orgsam.

The soft beads and spikes on the surface of this condom stimulate your partner’s most sensitive part giving a mutually intense experience.

Client can choose from our types of spike condoms, and then custom own brand package. We can also customize the shapes according to client’s need.

We welcome client to bring your own new ideas, our research and development team would like to study it with you together, and we hope to help you making the ideas to come truth.

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