Buttercup condom

Custom Made Buttercup Condoms Personalized Printed

custom made buttercup condom

custom made buttercup condom

Custom Made Buttercup condoms are condoms packed into a bowl which looks like a jelly shell. This kind condom package is fantasy and  appealing. You can open it with one hand.

The condoms inside the pack come with plain, dotted, ribbed, contoured, ultra thin, large size, flavored or colored. It can be warming or cooling too. The extra lubricant makes love smooth, safety and comfortable. The condoms inside the buttercup always right-side-up. Made of premium natural rubber latex, it has efficient in preventing sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

As a professional custom condom factory, we can print your personalized pictures on the package. Please give us your logo, our designer can make a draft design for you. Custom made buttercup condoms with personalized printed photo, welcome contact us.

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