Custom Condom

Custom made condoms for company

Custom made condom

As a custom made condoms factory and suppliers, it is glad that we have new production technology which can make the condoms much thinner and stronger. The test at present have been proven successful and the result thickness is only 0.035mm and we also can produce 001 polyurethane condoms, The researchers believe that they can make the products better. We are looking forward to a major breakthrough. We custom condom manufacturers also pay more attention to the research and development to produce better products.

All our condoms are CE and ISO approved. We can make sure the quality.
Condoms are made of natural latex of the premium quality.
Silicone oil based and water based lubricants are available.
The reservoir tip of condoms provides additional reliability.
100% electronic quality control.
Rectangle foil, square foil, round foil, buttercup package are available.

3pcs/box, 6pcs/box, 12pcs/box are available. In each box of condoms also color is as per customer required.
If you would like to OEM or ODM your own brand bulk condoms other than those we offer in packages of 144 or 100. We also can produce for you with custom made condoms for your company. Please contact us by email.


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