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How to choose the best condoms?

best condoms

There are wide variety and the scary combinations which the condom industry offers makes people choosing the best condoms. The following is the points may help you when choosing what to protect yourself with.


The first point to decide on is size. While the condoms you get in supermarkets and men’s toilets have a uniform size, they stretch to fit most men, you must be honest about your size.

Getting the wrong size, with many men going up a size for ego’s sake, reduces the efficacy of the condom, increasing the chances of the condom falling off. Be honest with yourself, it’s not worth getting an STI or a girl pregnant.


The second element for a prudent condom connoisseur is safety. Read the labels and look at what the box labels about safety. Often best condoms which are titled Air, feel thin are too thin and almost completely neglect the goal of the product, which is protection.

Choosing an option which steers more to feeling and away from the safety aspect is a condom you will regret buying. The rubber ends up being so thin that in the heat of passion could rip.


At last, you must think about functionality. Beside a condom’s primary function (protection) you have a plethora of different types to choose from. If you are buying for you and your partner, consider getting ribbed condoms, the bumps and lumps on the outside of it will aid in female stimulation and improve the act for both of you.

There are other pleasure condom you can choose; flavored lubricant as well as ones which tingle and add heat. You can chat with your partner or put into consideration what you and your potential beaus might like. To OEM the best condoms, please contact us.

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