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Custom Private Label Fire & Ice Condoms

fire&icce condoms

Innovation on condom always in the shapes, another idea is their lubricants, we have so many types of lube which can added into condom and offer consumers different feeling, this Fire & Ice condoms are a brand of condoms that provide a unique and stimulating experience for both partners. These condoms are designed with a special dual-action lubricant that features both warming and cooling sensations together, it’s tingling feel. The warming sensation helps to enhance arousal and increase sensitivity, while the cooling sensation provides a tingling and refreshing feeling during intimate moments. Fire & Ice condoms aim to add an extra element of excitement and pleasure to sexual encounters.

Our fire&ice condoms are textured with dots and ribs which can provide additional sensations and increase stimulation for both partners and can enhance their sexual experience. The added texture can create a more pleasurable and intense experience during intercourse. Client can choose size 52*180mm or 53*185mm. The thin thickness provide skin feelings.

As a professional custom condom factory, we can produce client’s private lable fire & ice condoms. Besides it, we also manufacture condoms with many other variety such as ultra thin condom, long love condom, flavored condoms, spike condoms and so on. If you’re looking for a reliable condom factory, welcome contact us, our knowledge and experience will help you in the projects.