Long Love Condom

Side effects of using benzocaine condoms for long love

Delay or long love condom always use the benzocaine or Lidocaine as active ingredients. Which also named desensitive condom. This medicine may cause a rare, but serious blood problem called methemoglobinemia. That’s the main side effects of benzocaine condoms. This condition may occur after use of the spray for medical procedures or use of the over-the-counter gel or liquid for mouth sores or teething in children.

Are there any long-term risks to using condoms for longer-lasting sex? “No,” says Kaminetsky. “The numbing agents used in these products have been around for years and are generally well-tolerated by most people.” But as a condom factory, we don’t recommend consumers choose it, because which also can make consumers reply on it, so they are hard to erect after used with the benzocaine condoms, that’s big problem for them. So the best way is one month use one time is better, not use it every time.

Not choose the long love condom if you don’t have any problem of premature ejaculation, the regular shape or textured condom are fine for most of consumers. Which only designed for special group consumers, not for everyone. And most countries take it as III medical device, so you need registration at first if you want to sell it, or it’s illegal.

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