Buttercup condom

Famous condom brands tend to use buttercup packs for luxury

Maybe you know condom always wrapped in square or rectangel shape foil, now it’s a brand new type of package. The hottest thing in condoms is finally here: condom in buttercups. Durex’s No1 poloyuerthane 001 condom use the buttercup now. Remember the butter or jam packets from your favorite local breakfast spot? Well that’s where condom buttercups got their name from! Forget the hassle of trying to rip a wrapper, just peel back the cover and you are good to go. Try them today! Your art is printed directly on a buttercup.

Buttercup Condoms come in intuitive, always-right-side-up wrappers so the condom rolls on the right way every time. No teeth required to open, and no awkward fumbling to get it on. The best condom to use for your first time – or any time.

Both product condom and lube, their packaging are designed to be stylish while being discreet enough to be left in public view without being recognized as a condom product to avoid the embarrassment.  This is really a good option, when you take it out in public, no one can recognize it as condom, so no one will laugh at you. Following dimension are our buttercup sealing machine’s mold size, so your own label will on the same template and welcome send us your design, we can offer you a visual sample before the bulk production. Not only own design, own shaped buttercup also is possible, such as drop, water, heart or apple shapes are popular styles in the market.

It’s a new easy way to open condom packaging! It’s a thin cup with a peel back easy to open cover! It’s like a ‘buttercup’, an individual custom printed pod containing your condom! This Custom Condom Pod provides a new look to the traditional foil packaging, while providing great protection to the condom. Let us custom print your artwork, your company logo or your message on our buttercup condom containers and make a statement!

As a professional condom maker, our company approved by ISO/CE/WHO standards, we have more than 10 types of condom molds and different types condom packing machine, so we can offer clients on stop buy way for condom project. we can custom produce clients own label buttercup condoms, own shaped cups also is possible, MOQ only 50000 pcs, welcome inquiry us by email: [email protected]

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