Buttercup condom

New Generation pack: buttercup condom

Regular condom’s pack is foil wrapper in square or rectangle shape, or our new designed circular shape foil.  Now here is another more luxury style package: Buttercup Condoms come in intuitive, always-right-side-up wrappers so the condom rolls on the right way every time. Which also named capsule or blister packs. No teeth required to open, and no awkward fumbling to get condom on. The best condom to use for your first time – or any time.

New easy to open condom packaging! It’s a thin cup container with a peel back easy to open cover! It’s like a ‘buttercup’ or “capsule”, which is an individual custom printed pod containing your condom! This Custom Condom Pod provides a new look to the traditional foil packaging, while providing great protection to the condom. Let us custom print your artwork, your company logo or your message on our buttercup condoms containers and make a statement! This printing is directly on the foil lid or we also can put a sticker or label on the container foil.

The capsule Condoms are housed in an easy-open buttercup enclosure, meaning you open them the right way up, every time. All these condoms are created without any synthetic ingredients: better for you, the planet and your taste buds.

If you want to build own label buttercup condoms, which always need MOQ 100 000 units, And foil printer charge the setup fee us$500 and film fee us$100 per color. Buttercup condoms really can improve the brand’s level due to its special shapes. so we recommend choose the buttercup for quality product, such as almost all polyurethane condom choose the buttercup package.

As a professional custom condom maker, welcome inquiry us to custom produce own label buttercup condoms, MOQ only 10000 pcs, so easy to start now, our Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]

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