Custom Condom

How a condom produced in factory?

Not anyone has chance to visit how a condom produced from liquid of latex. As one of the top professional condom factories, we produce different types of condoms. The starts of condom manufacturing is the way to give the latex stability and strength, chemicals are added to it, and it’s heated. During this process, the chemicals react with the rubber in the latex to make it stronger, more reliable and give it low allergenic potential.

  1. The latex which imported from Thailand then transferred into vast, temperature-controlled storage tanks.
  2. A continuous line of clean glass formers dipped into the latex, where they become coated.
  3. The formers rotated to ensure the latex evenly spread.
  4. After drying, the formers dipped for a second time.
  5. The formers then pass through an oven to vulcanise the rubber — this completes the chemical reactions and ensures that the latex condoms have the necessary strength and elasticity.
  6. Tthe condoms removed from the formers, washed to remove any water-soluble residues, and powdered using pharmacologically safe materials.
  7. All condoms are individually tested and rolled through electronic pinhole testing machines, which separate accepted and rejected condoms into different containers.

The foiled condoms packed according to customers requirements and stored in a cool dry place awaiting final shipment. (e.g 3’s pack, wallet pack, bulk pack and etc.) we can make and print clients own designed package, or our designer also can work out clients own ideas or a draft works.

All condoms finally packed in shipping carton boxes, strapped and properly labeled. We are one of condom factories focus on custom private label condoms, welcome to inquiry us to make your own label condoms!


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