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large flared condoms offer comfort feeling

Flared condoms also can be called Extra Headroom Condoms, you need a condom with that baggy tip, that saggy top, that bulbous extension, that flared head. Extra Head Room condom Shaped like a lightbulb, these extra head room condoms will give him a little extra room on the penis head. A great choice for those who feel that the average condom is suffocating. Also great for adding a little extra stimulation for your partner.

The condoms are flared shape, and teat ended, suitable for most men to use with the confidence.  All the condoms are made from 100% natural latex imported from Thailand and are specially lubricated with non-sticky, natural-feeling medical-grade silicone based lubricant which can offer longer lasting.

Condoms are key to having safer sex with anyone you are not fluid-bonded with. And safer sex is a good sex. There is nothing hotter than a guy who has a plan to get wrapped up when it gets hot and heavy. It says: I care about my sexual health. And I care about your sexual health, too. Let’s have some sexual fun by this alien shaped product!

Flared condom always thicker than regular one. Why use thicker condoms? For example, while most brands market their condoms for the thin barrier , and maximum-skin-feel experience, a thicker barrier may reduce stimulation and delay the ejaculation. Many condoms for PE and lasting longer are thicker than standard condoms and can help prevent overstimulation (premature ejaculation). so if you want longer lasting in intimate contacts, you can choose this type condoms.

If you has a new shape condom idea, no matter how alien of it, as a custom condom maker, we are pleasure to try for you at lab at first, we also can custom produce for you, our engineers already help more than 10 clients build their own shapes condoms, welcome inquiry us by email:

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