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Spermicide Lube


Spermicide lube, especially gels and jellies, provide some lubrication during sexual intercourse. Spermicides are a type of contraceptive that work by stopping sperm from reaching an egg. It’s inserted into your vagina by a tool prior to sex and comes in many forms like gels, creams, foams and suppositories. Spermicides are more effective when they are combined with other forms of birth control, such as use with condom. And use spermicide as lubricants. It’s really a wonderful combination for consumers.

General guidelines for using spermicides lube as followings are:

  • You need to insert spermicide deeply into your vagina by a tool.
  • It should be inserted at least 10 to 15 minutes before sex for it to be effective.
  • Most spermicides are only effective for 60 minutes, so better sex with in the time.
  • Reapply spermicide each time you have sex.
  • Never wash out or remove spermicide after having sex.
  • Nothing else should go in your vagina for at least six hours so it can be continue to work.

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