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Non latex polyurethane condom

Non-latex polyurethane condom with the super thin thickness 001mm .On the market, most male condoms are made of latex material which suitable for most people which is cheaper and safety enough.  Non Latex polyurethane Condoms are super thin which can bring you more sensitivity like wearing nothing at all.
Polyurethane condom is made of latex free material polyurethane which are best way for those who are allergic to latex condoms. These condoms are also strong enough as latex condom with the same or even higher protection effective.
All our polyurethane 001 condoms are electronically tested and 100% safety guarantee.

The Polyurethane condoms is less than half the thickness of normal latex condoms, providing for maximum feel with increased sensitivity. It is also latex-free making it suitable for users allergic to latex condoms. If you or your partner are allergic to the latex condoms,the non latex polyurethane condoms are  are alternative choice that protect against STIs, it is more expensive than latex condoms.  As a non latex polyurethane condom factory, we can offer you both latex free male condom and female condoms. We also can custom brand non latex polyurethane condoms with your private label.  Welcome to contact us!

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